" My hip replacement didn't work well at 40, finally at 54 I can walk on the beach and travel, and it only took a few weeks of this stuff. "   – Chris, 54.
" I used to struggle to walk, but now I am getting better as I get older. "   – Nita, 77.
" Pain made me a prisoner in my home for 15 years. I'm completely pain free and have my life back. "   Denise, 54
" I hurt my back, hip and knee lifting. The pain just dragged on and on. I am now so pain free that I enjoy the gym and fitness for the first time in years. "  Sam, 45


Do you have a movement difficulty that you think you'll never get out of?
Do you want to move out of your pain and mobility challenge?
Are you ready to try something different?

Feldenkrais (fell-den-krice) Difficult name; great results!

It's a researched scientific and common sense approach to step out of pain and dire straits, back into the walk of life. Move your health from woe to go, to going great!!!

Happy Couple-Movinghealth

Are you one of the following?

  • Stuck in painand having to "learn to live with it"!
  • An Arthritis sufferer and only wishing you could be better
  • Having to put up with increasing pain or even agony
  • Stalled in your rehabilitation feel unable to get around some barriers
  • Limited in your lifestyle

Add more life back into your years

Learn how to make small shifts that make big differences that are sustainable

We plan with you the steps to recovery.
Heaviness, stuckness, tension, anxiety, fear, lacking confidence in balance, limping, guarding, favouring and the like become history.

Nothing will be asked of you which is beyond your capacity

250,000 South Australians live in chronic pain. Won't it be great when common sense ways to move out of pain became common practice!